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Erika WŁest-Lehmann, Uerkheim, Switzerland

About me

Painting has always been one of my passions. In my early years though I decided to travel. I spent considerable time on the Channel Islands, in New Zealand and Australia.

Since 2012 I have visited Iceland time and again. This wonderful island seduces every artist to paint or take photographs. The intuitions emanating from nature and light are breathtaking and a true enrichment for my art.

In 2007 I started painting, and in 2014 I opened my own studio.

My abstract paintings represent their subject in a simple way or are composed of either colours or free forms only. Experimenting plays a crucial role. Against all convention, I use different techniques like spraying, dripping, brushing or I apply the paint with a palette knife to find new ways of expression.

During the process of painting I often depart from the original idea, as suddenly new intuitions emerge.

I paint on canvas, wood and metal. Acrylic paint, Chinese ink, pigments, airbrush colours, oil based mordant and bitumen are intrinsic components of my paintings.